Perhaps you’ve heard of Jerome Baker Designs. You may have seen JBD at the famous Weed Festival in Oregon in 1996, or maybe the annual Oregon Country Fair...



At least, if you're on the west coast, you've enjoyed some beautiful JBD glass creations. These functional pipes were scientifically designed to get you as high as possible so you could trip out on the elaborate artwork on the bongs, bubblers, and pipes.

The story of Jerome Baker Designs begins when founder Jason Harris was blessed enough to apprentice under Bob Snodgrass, who really started the modern pipemaking industry.

Mr. Snodgrass’s influence has spread to tens of thousands of pipe makers from his headquarters in Eugene, Oregon. (Before Jason was a apprentice of the wizard, he had to first make his way to Alaska to save money to buy the necessary equipment.)


Photo credit: Newsweek Jason teamed up first with Chris Shave from Jah Creation in a small garage. They followed the Grateful Dead around on tour to sell pipes. Jason then moved to Arcata, California where he worked with a guy that had a lathe machine, which was instrumental in the making of bongs. JBD as a west coast – and even global – water pipe power house.

When Jerry Garcia passed away, Jason moved to Eugene and first incorporated Jerome Baker Designs. He hired friends he’d met on the Grateful Dead tour. Friends who had nothing better to do than blow glass in Eugene, Oregon.

Jason met many cannabis community farmers during this period. He has maintained many of these relationships to this day. You can experience decades worth of cannabis wisdom by enjoying JB Cannabis brands.

JBD won the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup “Best Product” and Second Place for Best Booth. and we won this past one 2018, best glass.

In 1998, Jason hired Saeed Mohtadi as CEO, and they took JBD from $350,000 a year to $4 right away. They developed 21 different styles of bongs for celebrities and rock stars of the late nineties and early 2000s.

JBD won multiple High Times cannabis cups in Europe. At the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup Award, JBD took home the “Best Glass” award.


In 2003, however, Jason Harris was arrested in Operation Pipe Dreams, along with Tommy Chong and 55 others. JBD had 70 employees at the time.

Jason himself focused on Maui Glass Designs, where he created luxury glass art installations for homes and business.

JBD, meanwhile, pivoted to become a lifestyle and apparel brand until legalization was under way in the following decade when JBD would re-established itself as a leader in artistic flameworking/pipemaking community.


JBD was on the frontlines. The brand attended the first High Times Cannabis Cup in a U.S. jurisdiction where cannabis had been legalized. JBD made headlines when it made a nug jug capable holding one pound of cannabis for Snoop Dogg in collaboration with Nastee Glass.

JBD is represented today in hundreds of collections globally. Today JBD has a presence in Germany , Spain , Australia and Canada . Jerome Baker was recently named one of the top ten glassbklowers in the United States by the Cannabis News Update. Jerome Baker Designs also won the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup for " Best Glass" in Sanoma county and took home a second place in " Best Glass " in Sacramento 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup

Jerome Baker and Sports

JBD has long been affiliated with extreme sports, like BMX and skateboarding. The brand attended the first ever X Games in San Francisco, and the next one in Crescent View. JBD has sponsored the following athletes:

Bill Bryan* – 17-time world champion skimboarder
Brian Deegan – Metal Mulisha Founder,
Coconut Willy – Maui Big Wave Surfer

*Image by Skim Online

JBD and Arts and Culture

JBD works with Trice and Bertino Designs, both of whom help lead our artistic development and artistic research.

JBD pieces have been custom-made for artists like Santana, Snoop Dogg, George Clooney, George Clinton, 311, Sublime/Skunk Records, Widespread Panic, Grateful Dead, Rita Marley, DMB, Phish, Slayer, DRI

JBD and Technology

Jerome Baker Designs has sought to be at the forefront of glass art’s science and technology. Founder Jason Harris has worked hand-in-hand in Wertheim with seventh generation glass blower Hans Ittig (seen in photo), whose grandfather was a master thermometer blower who sucked the mercury by mouth until age 93.

He would carry the materials across a river and through minefields, eventually working in the West German town of Tübingen, which is known to have the best equipment, techniques, and raw materials for glass blowing. Hans is also the son of famed glassblower Karl Ittig.

JBD uses Boris Silicate glass, which heats and cools to extreme temperatures without cracking. It was originally developed for the science industry. Otto Schott from Germany has rich history of using in this type of glass. Working with such figures taught Harris the complexity of the equipment and everything that goes with it.

A favorite JBD technique learned through years or adventure and experimentation entails fuming the glass. JBD prides itself on this technique. We take .9999 fine silver and fume it onto the glass, which it makes it appear like a mirror without a background. The more you smoke through the pieces, a black background builds up and the glass changes color. A pushed in bowl allows heat to travel upwards, allowing users to smoke longer.