Bong vs Bubbler vs Oil Rig

Not sure which glass is right for you? Let us facilitate your cannabis high by describing which glass might fit you best in "Bong vs Bubbler vs Oil Rig".
Caleb Chen

Why choose a JBD bubbler?

Bubblers are small to medium size water pipes that are used to smoke flower. Most regular, run-of-the-mill bubblers are usually made with built-in stems and a carburator on the side. Usually, it’s just a straight stem but sometimes diffuser stems are used to add more filtration in the water chamber. Using a bubbler like that is similar to using a spoon style dry pipe, with one finger on the carb to regulate airflow. On the other end of the spectrum, the best bubblers could easily be mistaken for compact bongs by the untrained eye as they often share the same styles of percolators. However, a bubbler is usually given away by the lack of a straight tube.

At Jerome Baker, the glass is high quality and the premier available bubblers are the Honeycomb Klein Bubbler respite with circle splash guard and eponymous honeycomb perc as well as the Incylcer Bubbler. Both feature a stemless design with 18mm female joints and 24kt gold inlay of the JBD crossed bongs logo.

The Honeycomb Dab Rig
The Honeycomb Klein Bubbler

Why choose a JBD bong?

Bongs are medium to large water pipes that are used to smoke flower. Bongs typically differ from most simple dry pipes and bubblers because the sleeve or down stem doubles as the carburator. The flower is placed in a bowl or slide which then must be removed from the sleeve or down stem to clear the water filtered smoke from the bong. This glass on glass design with female (or male) joints, in combination with a straight tube that features an ice pinch, is very common and can be considered the calling card of the new school bong. Some bongs even offer a variety of percolator types with which to filter the smoke and percs are often doubled or even tripled up or combined with different types of percs. Take the Double Bong in a Bong, for instance, it’s no wonder that piece was the 2014 High Times winner.

The classic bongs, though, typically feature a single non glass on glass slide and sleeve mechanism for the bowl. In comparison with the glass on glass design where the male and female ends must be the same size, the non glass on glass design uses a rubber grommet to ensure an airtight seal and pull. There’s less filtration, and more of the natural flavor of the flower. Jerome Baker currently offers the Q Ball Fumed Bong in this style with 100% pure silver fumed designs on the base and tube. Collectors might also be interested in the ageless beauty that is the JBD Mothership Bong.

Top seller: The Q Ball Fumed Bong

Why choose a JBD oil rig?

An oil rig, or a dab rig or sometimes just rig, is a small to medium sized water pipe that is designed specifically for vaporizing concentrates. A rig can be used for all types of oil (liquid concentrate) including super critical CO2, butane, and sauce; however, it is important to note that certain types of oil cannot be consumed via an oil rig due to health concerns. Dab rigs need to be small because dabs, when vaporized, lose their potency faster than combusted flower, and also don’t require as much cooling. To adjust for the needs of concentrates users, percs are also smaller and fewer in number but glass blowers have also added recyclers which allow rigs to better collect the “reclaim” that inevitably collects on your rig.

Jerome Baker features collectable rigs like the Klein Inner Vortex Recycler is a good example of a bubbler sized rig.