50/5 Custom L.E.

50 mm Custom Limited Edition


The Limited Edition is one of the top Jerome Baker pieces. These bongs are made from heavy-duty 50 mm thick glass tubing. The sculpture on the pieces represent top-of-the-line Jerome Baker designs quality and show off the high skill level and scope the glass sculptures at Jerome Baker Designs. These massive thick pieces are very heavy duty and could last a lifetime with proper care. These pieces all consumed with precious metals and embossed with the special Jbd logo. The limited addition is in true JbdStyle that’s only available through the Jerome Baker brand and Las Vegas Dream Factory. Each 50/5 Custom L.E. piece is unique.  No two will be the same.  The piece photographed is similar to the one that will be shipped but not the exact one.  Coloring will vary from piece topiece and may not exactly match the color on your computer screen due to variances in technology and lighting.

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